★★★★ ‘An unforgettable, absorbing production: a jewel of the London fringe. Aren’t we lucky?’ Libby Purves, The Times

‘The girl who said ‘No’, she doesn’t exist anymore, she died last summer – suffocated in smoke from something on fire inside her.’

In Glorious Hill, Mississippi, Alma Winemiller has found herself trapped in the role of repressed and ‘affected’ daughter of the town minister. Hemmed in by her malicious mother, neighbourhood gossips and her own moral standings, Alma longs to escape her life of duty. But on the 4th July 1916 her world is to be turned upside down by the return of her childhood obsession, the young doctor Buchanan, who represents everything Alma is against – and everything she desires.

One of America’s most lauded and controversial playwrights, Tennessee Williams, remains a uniquely provocative voice. Awarded four Drama Critics Circle Awards, two Pulitzer Prizes and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, his plays were also derided and condemned by critics and the religious establishment.

Cast and Creative
Creative Team

Rebecca Frecknall

Lorna Killin

Lighting Designer
Sophie McLelland


Sarah-Jayne Butler
William Donaldson
Jack Fishburn
Curran McKay
Kate Lamb
Jenna Smith

Production Photos
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