‘It has taken too long for this majestic piece to play here’ The Times

‘Impressive cast’ The Times

‘It is an intense hundred minutes, cleverly interposing colloquial anger and argument with the measured legalities of the attorneys.’ The Times

‘Mann’s verbatim play harnesses the power of real testimony’ The Guardian

★★★★ ‘With work like this, the trains should be re-routed and the theatre stay on.’ Reviewsgate

November 27th 1978: Dan White shoots and kills Harvey Milk, the first openly gay American to hold elected office and George Moscone, mayor of San Francisco.

May 21st 1979: Dan White is found not guilty of murder.

Execution of Justice is the story of how and why it happened.

A cast of 20 perform Emily Mann’s award-winning 1982 verbatim play – a panoramic view of a time of upheaval and change, told in words taken from trial transcripts, interviews, reportage and the street.

Moving in and out of the courtroom and backwards and forwards in time, Execution of Justice captures a divided city in crisis and the impact of loss.

More than any other American writer of our time, the body of her work has demonstrated the importance of theatre to the psychic well-being and sanity of a society
Athol Fugard

One of our most urgently engaging, provocative and significant American Playwrights whose work bears witness to some of the most pressing moral issues of our time.”
Joyce Carol Oates

Execution Of Justice is supported by Stonewall and The Harvey Milk Foundation

Cast & Creative Team
Creative Team

Joss Bennathan

James Turner

Sound Designer
George Dennis

Lighting Designer
Richard Williamson

Associate Producer
Jamie Hannon


Madeleine Bowyer
Georgia Buchanan
Maurice Byrne
Doron Davidson
Aidan Downing
Philip Duguid-McQuillan
Lindsay Fraser
Thomas Grube
Catherine Hammond
Kate Harper
Jasper Jacob
Christopher Lane
Ben Mars
Alex McSweeney
Mark Parsons
John Rayment
Michael Shane
Joyce Veheary
Aonghus Weber
Peter Wiedmann

Post Show Events

Thursday, 12 January

Post Show Talk with Stuart Milk (Nephew of Harvey Milk – The Harvey Milk Foundation)

Stuart Milk, is the nephew of the late civil rights pioneer Harvey Milk. Stuart has been a human rights activist and politcal speaker for many years. He will be talking about his uncle’s legacy and the trial of Dan White, as well as the Harvey Milk Foundation’s new ‘Beyond Tolerance’ programme.

Friday, 27 January

Post Show Talk with Emily Mann (Playwright)

The multi award-winning playwright Emily Mann discusses her ground breaking verbatim play and answers questions, along with director Joss Bennathan and members of the cast. Find out Emily’s thoughts on the play, the trial, and the effect the shootings had on the community”.